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Part 1 of 3

When I first came across smartbaby (thanks to reader, Misti), I whooped loudly and danced a jig. For years, I had been annoying my friends by expounding on the virtues of cloth diapering and trying to get them to switch from disposables. But their point was valid – sure they’re economical and eco-friendly, but the cloth diapers available in India then, were time consuming, messy and unreliable. But no more excuses. We have an amazing alternative available now, so stop creating your own little landfill mountain which will take 500 years to decompose, and convert to cloth. Now!

Smartbaby brings us three kinds of cloth diapers – Bumgenius, Flip and Econobum. All three of these are One Size and Adjustable,? which means they go from newborn to potty training. But they differ slightly in the way you would use them, so I’m going to review each separately. Lets start with the Econobum – its extremely afforable and was introduced to make cloth diapering a viable option for everyone. These are the ONLY diapers you’re ever going to be buying until your baby is out of diapers, and the quality is so great that you can use it for siblings as well – so just do the math!

The Econobum has 2 components:
1. The Outer Cover. This is a water-proof One-size (from newborns to 3 year olds)? cover with snaps around the waist, as well as snaps along the rise that make it adjustable.
2. The inner cotton cloth called a prefold. Prefolds are super absorbent. They need to be washed about 3 or 4 times when they’re new to make them fluffy and soft.

To diaper baby, just fold the prefold thrice, place it on the outercover and close the snaps of the outer cover. Thats it! No pins or tying knots. When you need to change, just unsnap, remove the dirty prefold and chuck it into a bucket, put in a new one and reuse the outer cover. The prefold is usually absorbent enough to hold about 3 or 4 pees, but the wetness would make the baby uncomfortable before that, so you’d need to change every two hours or so.

The advantages of prefolds are that you can discard the dirty prefold and reuse the outer cover. I used prefolds extensively for the newborn (0 – 3 months) stage as you do a diaper change quite often and are kind of watching how much they pee and poo, so its nice to be able to buy lots

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of prefolds and change every hour or so. I also loved the fact of having nothing but the softest cotton next to my baby’s bum! On the negative side, prefolds are a little bulky, so these are not your slim and trim diapers. The baby will feel the wetness with the prefolds, so you do need to change often. Though if you’re planning to toilet train your baby early, this is an advantage. (According to our old school parents we were toilet trained at 6 months, so they can’t understand why our kids are running around in diapers until they’re 3!)

I will do a separate post on the care and washing of cloth diapers – so don’t worry about that now – its pretty simple anyway. Watch a

How To video for the Econobum here on youtube.

Econobum diapers are available online at Its Rs.749 for one outer cover and one prefold. The Daypack (Rs.2110 for 2 covers and 6 prefolds) and Full Kit (Rs.3371 for 3 covers and 12 prefolds) will be available in a couple of months. The Full Kit would be all the diapers you’d ever need for diapering your baby from newborn to potty training. So thats a really good value fora ?high

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quality diaper.

Stay tuned for our next installment of Cloth diapering: part 2 of 3 – The Flip

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