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If you and your kids have not yet watched Toonpur Ka Super Hero, then book your tickets now. This film, directed by Kireet Khurana features Ajay Devgn along with a bunch of fantastically animated characters. It is the first ever Indian live action animated film on the lines of ?Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and has been produced so slickly, you will be amazed at how advanced Indian animation and film making has become.

The first half hour of the movie which introduces the real world characters had my four year old getting restless but once the animated characters like Loveena, Pandu and Beegben came on, he was glued to his seat.

There is the element of good over evil and lots of action (it is a Devgn film remember) but nothing that kids on a dose of Chota Bheem can?t handle. My son?s favourite character is Beegben because ?She gives ladoos?, he said. Never mind that I was hoping it would be Loveena, considering the character has been brought alive by my voice. (Yup, I am a voice artist too).

We have been listening to the catchy tunes from the film in the car and the tot has us replaying Rubdoot over and over. In fact the Rubdoot scene in the film is fantastic in terms of the imagery, song and actually character. Do watch and enjoy this family entertainer.

Toonpur Ka Super Hero, playing now in theatres all over India.

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