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p>We attended a wonderful Halloween event this October and were introduced to an innovative young lady who believes that kiddie delights needn’t be sugary, indulgent bites of junk, they can well be delicious, pretty and very yummy! Thus the name, Yummy in my Tummy. We were pretty intrigued by a bold stance like that; kiddie delights without the devastation of sugars, bleached flour and colours?! This we had to see!

We were surprised by the variety and the presentation. There were t-shirt shaped sandwiches that the kids seem to love especially for the novelty factor. Since it was a Halloween event, we were treated to a large variety of spooky cookies like spider webs, witches on broomsticks, jack o’ lanterns and lots more. Some of the treats included standard kiddie favourites like peanut butter, colourful sprinkles and lots of icing. The cupcakes were all whole-wheat and surprisingly soft and moist. All these were made at home by Harshita, the innovative chef behind Yummy in My Tummy. Keeping in mind all the necessary nutrients required for growing children, Harshita states that she consciously tries to substitute (as much as possible) all-purpose flour to whole wheat flour, sugar to honey/ jaggery, packaged foods to fresh fruits and veggies. These kind of things always sound good to mummies!

Yummy in my Tummy offers innovative cookies, desserts and savouries for any special occasion. They personalize cookie boxes for every event and occasion, some of the popular occasions that they cater for are Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Christmas, New Years, Birthday’s, Baby Showers, Anniversaries and theme parties too.

Call or mail Harshita (Gautam) for more information on variety of foods and pricing at or 9811882770.

2 Responses to “Healthy treats can be Yummy in my Tummy too…”

  1. Harshita Gautam says:

    Hi Parul,
    it is a pleasure to read about my work unexpectedly.
    Thanks a lot for showing interest.
    Iwould like to bring to your attention that we have changed our our name to Yummy in my LITTLE Tummy and the email address is, although the phone number remains the same which is 9811882770.
    For all you grown ups we have just started baking goodies on healthy lines, we also cater to weight watchers and diabetics..
    So Stay FIt and i hope to keep making lots of yummies for the little tummies…

  2. Harshita Gautam says:

    Also you guys can check out the pics of our food on facebook by the same name.. :)