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I just chanced upon a cool toy for my musically inclined son. It’s a pair of electronic drumsticks that can be played anywhere and on any surface. The nicest part about these is that they don’t require drums. The drum sounds are inbuilt. So every time you hit the rubber padded tips on any surface you can hear drums beating! ?The ‘drum mode’ button allows you to choose from different kinds of drum sounds or the sound of cymbals. What my son likes to do is choose different sounds on each drumstick and then make his own music.

The Cyberstix also come with an?internally programmed melody to play along, with the drum beats. LEDs on the tips light up every time you hit the drumsticks. Rocking!

Available at most toystores @

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Rs 1199.

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  1. rohini says:

    a great piece of information and a wonderful gift to give a musically inclined kid. hope these are available in bangalore as well!!