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The Bumgenius is like the Ferrari of cloth diapers. Its sleek, its swift and its pretty. And its so easy, you can almost change diapers in your sleep. The Bumgenius comes in lots of pretty colours, both pastel and bright shades, that seem almost a crime to cover up. Changing diapers is just a one-step process, exactly like a disposable.
The Bum Genius comes with:

1. The Outer Cover: This water-proof adjustable one-size (from newborns to 3 year olds) cover has snaps or velcro to open

and close the diaper around the waist, as well as snaps that make it adjustable in size. The outer cover is lined with soft, stay-dry suede that that wicks away moisture from the baby and keeps it feeling dry longer. This suede lining also forms a pocket for the absorbent inserts

2. Absorbent Terry insert: The Bumgenius comes with a newborn size insert and a larger insert. The insert goes into the pocket and absorbs all the wetness.

To diaper baby, tuck insert into the pocket opening (this can also be done earlier and kept ready), and fasten snaps or velcro around baby’s waist. thats it, it really is as easy as a disposable. Thanks to the Stay-Dry suede, the baby won’t feel the wetness so you can change every four hours or so. To change baby, remove the insert from the outer cover and toss both into the pail. Replace with a whole new pair. Unlike the Flip or Econobum, the Bumgenius outer cover can’t be used over and over during the day without washing. This is because the suede lining is built into the outer cover and will get dirty after a poop or a few pees. So you will need about 3 or 4 sets of Bumgenius diapers to get through the day.

One individual set of the Bumgenius which consists of the outer cover with 2 terry inserts (one newborn size and one larger size) is Rs.1145 at smartbaby.in. You can save 5 – 8% by buying a 3 Pack or a 6 Pack.

The advantages of Bumgenius over Flip and Econobum is that it is so easy to use, and fits very slim. The Bumgenius would be the best one to use while traveling and nighttime. Just tuck in two inserts and you’re set for the entire night. I had the velcro closures and liked that as you don’t even have to bother snapping the buttons down at the waist. But some people prefer the snaps. With the latest Bumgenius styles, you can even replace the elastic around the legs if they get loose (never happened to mine even after extensive use with both my sons), so you don’t have to buy a new pair. Unlike the Flip and Econobum you do have to

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put the outer cover for wash after every use, so you’ll need a few pairs to carry you through the day.

Watch a How To video for the Bumgenius on youtube

Bumgenius diapers are available online at smartbaby.in. Rs.1145 for one outer cover and two inserts (newborn size and large size)
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Congratulations to Reena, Misti and Taherreh – the winners of our cloth diaper contest. Happy to help you jumpstart your cloth diaper stash!

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