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Tushina Goyal, a fashion design diploma holder from NIFT Delhi, decided to create handcrafted elements for kids and kids at heart after being inspired by her two year old daughter. Her ideas and creativity are reflected in a range of wall clocks, paintings and name plates that are ideal for kids rooms or any space that needs to be livened up with a dash of freshness and colour. We browsed through her website and our son chose his name plate. Yes, you can have the child’s name on your ordered piece and can also opt for materials like wood cut or paper. I wondered about the durability of a paper name plate but these are covered with a special fibre that makes the piece waterproof so you can wipe it down with a wet cloth too.

The light weight name plate came couriered to us but with just one hitch. The courier company in their endeavour to protect the parcel stuck sheets of thermocol to the image and when we tried to get it off, we had bits of thermocol left over the pretty design. Tushina helped us with tips on how to get rid of the messy bits (sacked the courier guy & promised to instruct the new ones clearly not to re parcel the product) and now the name plate has found a spot on a wall at our beach home.

The products are reasonably priced and she also does custom orders for birthday return gifts, corporate gifts and festive gifts. The custom ideas need a lead time of at least a month to be developed. The Tushina range is put together by a group of underprivileged ladies who are taught the craft and supported through the work. Tushina is connected with two NGO’s in this effort. So it’s a feel good all around with a Tushina.

Tushina rate range is Rs. 150/- to Rs. 1,500/-.
,, call 9811479174. Although based in Gurgaon, products can be couriered across the country.

WIN IT! Win the boy or girl nameplate (shown left) customised with your child’s name. Sign up in our registered users area to the right and send an email to with NAMEPLATE as subject. Contest ends midnight, Feb 12.

3 Responses to “Great gift ideas: Tushina wall clocks, name plates and paintings.”

  1. sangeeta says:

    we came across this tushina website and ordered products….She made us wait for 2.5 months and then delivered broken piecesco clocks are very cheap quality ones. plus the lady did not bother to check how the gifts are packed in brown envelopes .this made them vulnerable to break…..would advice never to buy these

  2. rinku says:

    Hey this happened to me as well.the way they send the pack is very pathetic…wrapped in news papers n a brown cover …i too recieved a broken clock….

  3. dolly says:

    very true….i hav personally seen her products….they look good on the
    website/fb album…but quality is not worth spending on…

    If u reside out of NCR region refrain frm buying asshe does not pack them well …generally you would recieve broken items and then she would not even reply to your mails.very very unprofessional.