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Editor’s Note: Two MKB moms tried out the Sipahh and have slightly

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different takes on it. Read Priya’s review here.

Well, it’s that time in our life for that dreaded W word. Wean from the bottle! Argh! Even thinking about it sends chills down my spine and my instant reaction is to escape, procrastinate, postpone – do anything but get down to doing it.

“Straws are what you need” said my cousin.


“Yes. Straws.”

This is what she suggested I do to make the whole transition from bottle to glass easier for both of us: Get a sipper with straw; get glasses with straws; get just straws and use them with regular glasses. Because straws are different from bottle nipples and provide a challenge for the young one, they take to it easily. When they do that they also learn to sit and drink instead of drinking in a sleeping position like with a bottle. The logic made sense to me so I set out to get my supply of straws. I got all of the above kinds of straws and one more.

I discovered Sipahh Flavoured Straws at my regular superstore. You just need to dip a straw in a glass of plain cold milk and sip. As the milk passes through the straw filled with flavoured unibeads, it transforms into yummy flavoured milk. My son loves to see the beads magically dissappear as he finishes his milk. That’s one battle less between the two of us – at least for now!

They are so convenient while travelling too. There’s no need to carry sugar or anything to flavour the milk with. Just these individually packed straws. Weaning here we come!

@Rs125 for a box of 10 straws. Available at most superstores and INA market, New Delhi in a variety of flavours inlcuding the most popular ones: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

4 Responses to “Flavoured Straws: Sipahh”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi priyanka,
    From when can I start using these straws, I mean from which month ? My daughter is 10 month old.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Also can u suggest me some foods for my 10 month old daughtter

  3. Priyanka says:

    @anonyumous: The packaging doesn’t have any age restrictions printed on it, so I guess you can start using them when your daughter learns how to sip from a straw. Do check the nutritional info on the pack before you decide.

  4. Priyanka says:

    Are you looking for packaged food or home cooked food? If you could tell me which city you are from we will be able to give you some specific information on what is available where. cheers!