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It was my sister’s birthday and I wanted to do something different this year since it was my son’s first birthday with masi. ‘Different’ obviously ruled out the usual wrap-a-gift-and-make-him-give-it-to-masi routine. That’s when I came up with the next simple craft for my fifteen month old. Read on and try it.

  • Give your baby a couple of crayons/pastels, a blank white sheet and let him doodle away to glory. When he/she is done keep

    it aside.

  • Take a coloured card paper or a patterned scrapbooking paper [paper1]. Fold it into half so it opens up like a card.
  • Take another contrasting coloured paper [paper2] – square or rectangle depending on the shape of your card. Cut it about 4 inches smaller than the card.
  • Now take your doodle art and cut it about 1 inch smaller than paper2.
  • Paste the doodle art in the centre of paper2 and paste paper2 in the centre of paper1.

Write a squiggly doodly message inside and your masterpiece is ready!

Your choice of colors and pattern for the base paper [paper1] will define the ‘age’ of your card. For instance the base paper in Pic1 is hip with bold designs and funky colors – definitely for someone young. Pic2 is subtle and simple, for someone older. It’s best to have a person in mind before you start pasting the pieces together.

I have discovered that the key to doing crafts with kids is to keep it simple and not worry too much about the outcome. Whatever your little one makes will be a keeper. Choose your time for the project well. Baby must be well fed, well rested and happy.

All the required materials are available at any stationery/arts supply store. Also @ Staples, The Great India Place, Noida


7 Responses to “Crafty Ideas: Doodle Art”

  1. s says:

    loveeeeeeeeeddd itttttt :)

  2. ben10andbarbie says:

    hey…i love this idea. And m not going to wait till i need to make a card…m just gonna put it up as a priceless work of art:)

  3. vandana says:

    Awesome.. why werent you there 8 yrs ago when my bigones were little ? Well I will still make my younger one do it as he is still little ….
    Please some more ideas…

  4. priya says:

    Priyanka, we (4 year old son and I)have just finished trying out your idea. It was fun and has turned out rather well. Thanx. You are MKB’s Mrs. Maker :)

  5. s says:

    hi! i ‘m a regular reader of yr blog. like your innovative take on all the things. me n my daughter look fwd to the crafty ideas section and love to try them every weekend. i only hope you would post atleast one new idea every week so we can try smthing new every weekend.

  6. Priyanka says:

    Vandana: I am here now…will try and make up for the lost time :) and post some crafts for your older kids.

    Priya: Thats gr8…do share pictures with us on our facebook page:

    S: Thank you! why don’t you share your pictures with us on our facebook page mentioned above. And yes we are trying to be more regular with our posts :)