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Aqua Sand has got to be my favourite toy. Yes, it is my son’s, but mama loves to play too. The kit comes with a tube of coloured sand, a couple of sculpting tools and a fork cum shovel/strainer. We took a plastic bowl and set to work squeezing the sand into the water to get goopy shapes and sorry sculptures. The best part was when we scooped the sand out of the water ?

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all of it came out dry and free flowing. I have sat very happily scooping sand while my chintu poured it in and created his works of art. The magical quality of the sand had my four year old asking, ?But how mama??.

Well, mama had to do some research to discover the science behind the magic. Apparently it is created by coating sand with a hydrophobic compound that causes the sand to stick to each other and form cylinders when in water. Interestingly, magic sand was first created to trap ocean oil spills near the shore by using it to mix with the floating oil, making it heavy enough to sink.

You can try and replicate the magic sand with a DIY attempt that I am hoping to try soon. Experiment when your kids are away at school and wow them with your brilliance.

You will need: Clean sand, a baking dish, oven and Scotchgard (3M)
1.?? ?Pour out the sand and then spread it evenly in the baking dish.
2.?? ?Pre heat the oven and then put the sand dish in for at least an hour. Let the pan cool.
3.?? ?Pour out the cool sand onto a sheet of paper and evenly spray a coat of Scotchgard over it. Shake or stir the sand.
4.?? ?Repeat this twice to make sure all the sand is properly coated. Ensure that the sand is fully dried once covered.
Voila! your own magic sand is ready to be squeezed into a container.

Aqua Sand is available in different packs at most toy stores and large departmental stores. Rate range approximately 500/- to 1200/-

4 Responses to “Magic Aqua Sand”

  1. ben10andbarbie says:

    hey…i’d bought the mermaid pack for my kids…and i’m afraid my views dont match yours….i think this is no good, specially since it’s quite expensive. u cant make much apart fm ‘sorry sculptures’ like u put it so well. Plus, the diff colours of the sand get mixed up wen we r trying to scoop it back out. so i now hv a largish bottle of mixed coloured sand, a toy my kids dont want to try again, and more than a grand of Rs. down the drain.

  2. cherry says:

    i love your website and evrything you write about…just wish that like other blogs, you would have new updates and blogs more frequently! till then keep up the good work!!

  3. Nisha says:

    Thanks Cherry! We’re all moms here and sometimes things get a bit crazy at home! But we’re trying to be more regular with our updates and will hopefully have a new post everyday soon

  4. Melody says:

    We loved the magic sand until it went down the bathtub drain.
    Does anyone know how to get it out?