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This year start something new, do something different. Chronicle life not just in video and pictures, go old school and actually use those pictures, other mementos and your creativity to create gifts and keepsakes you can never buy. Try scrapbooking!

What is scrapbooking? A scrapbook is simply a decorated photo/memento/keepsake album—but different from a photo album because it preserves something more than just the photos. A scrapbook includes stories and anecdotes along with memorabilia like ticket stubs, boarding passes, candy wrappers, certificates, letters, etc., whatever little tit bits you may have kept over the years or over a holiday or vacation. So here’s another reason to throw nothing away!

It’s really all about getting those photos out of shoeboxes and ancient albums and into albums where they can be seen and shared. Best of all, no experience or expertise is required—it’s as simple as cutting and gluing. Bring back a piece of your childhood and get down to cutting out interesting words, designs and patterns from magazines to use as fillers in your scrapbook, keep tags you like, bits of leftover wrapping paper, stickers, dried flowers, locks of hair and anything else you feel connects with the pictures you want to collate in your next scrapbook.

You collect the material and we’ll provide the ideas. So get started on an exciting and rewarding new hobby.

-          Scrapbook, choose a sketch book in a largish size, preferably one with white pages.
-          Set of pictures, set a theme if you like – Valentines, holiday 2009, Cousins wedding, Baby’s 2nd b’day….
-          Fillers – stickers, wrapping paper, cut outs from magazines
-          Glue and tape
-          Clean cloth for pressing down
-          Glitter, sequins, shells, pressed leaves and flowers etc. for prettifying
-          Memorabilia associated with the theme you set.

MKB mom Parul is a pro scrapbooker. Instead of letting the thousands of crafts her daughter brings from school or makes at home rot in shoeboxes in cupboards, she has turned them into beautiful keepsakes. In this new series, Parul will hold our hands (glue and all) and guide us through the creative and rewarding steps of scrapbooking. Lets get scrapping.


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