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As parents at some point or the other we have to get ready to chat with our babies about ?good touch-bad touch? and only you can be the best judge of

when is the

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right time to start explaining the concept. We have decided now is the time as our tot is in nursery and slowly but surely moving towards independence. The question is how?

I did some research and was really lucky to chance upon a lesson created for preschool teachers to conduct in a classroom. It needs just a little modification and you have the ideal tool for you and your baby. I conducted my session with our son sitting on my knee right in front of the computer monitor so that he could view the (easily downloadable) image slides too.

This lesson starts with simply explaining feelings and goes on to reinforce types of touches; who is giving the touch; feelings associated with the touch; good touches can turn into bad touches like excessive tickling and names of body parts. It also simply states a good way to remember your private parts is by recalling which parts of the body are covered by a swimsuit ? simple yet effective. Just go with the flow of questions listed and explanations provided on the link.


last segment of the 20 minute session helps you explain that it is important for the child to tell someone he/she trusts if ever anyone tried breaking the touching rule with them and continue telling until he/she gets help. The lesson also recommends a book named, ?It?s My Body? by Lory Freeman and that?s already on my flipkart order list.

Here?s the link:

5 Responses to “Good Touch – Bad Touch”

  1. sudha says:

    hi ,
    im very much with ur point of view,my son too will start nursery from june of all the thoughts that clouds my mind is this issue of he being exploited,thanx a lot for this website and i will sit down with him though some talking has already been done though

  2. priya says:

    You are most welcome Sudha. Hope you find it as useful as I did. All the best.Priya

  3. sudha chakravarty says:

    hi priya
    its been v helpful,though he has understood good touch and bad touch but he has lots of querries…like there will be no mama in school teacher will take him to toilet she will also see his pee pee…is it good??youngsters can be real tricky

  4. swathi says:

    I found this very useful in getting my son to understand and the importance of getting them to get the concept is huge. thanks

  5. priya says:

    So glad that you found the information useful. I have been telling all my friends about the link as it really is quite a tricky issue and it helps to have a basic outline to fall back on and this one covers everything for a young child very well.