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It’s the time of the year to start dodging water balloons, water

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jets and pack away everything white. Holi may be fun and exciting, but I admit to shuddering at the thought of all the horrible chemicals touching my kids’ skin come March.

While we have turned to buying organic colours, we decided to make some of our very own in the kitchen. It turned out to be super fun! Here are a couple of ideas to make some vibrantly coloured water to be filled into pichkaaris:

  • For a deep magenta, grate one beetroot and soak into a litre of water. Leave it overnight, strain and squirt!
  • For a sunny yellow, soak a few marigold flower petals instead and follow the same guidelines.
  • If murkiness is not too disagreeable, mixing two teaspoons of henna powder in a litre of water can make a suspicious green. If you’d rather smell minty, make a paste of mint leaves and mix that in instead.
  • For some “kitchen gulal”, two teaspoons of haldi with four to five teaspoons of besan yields a nice yellow while henna powder mixed with any kind of flour gets you a green.

So put your chef hats on and do send in any new recipes you might come up with. Happy Holi!

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