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When I was in school I was tagged the prankster of my class. I loved pranks. [Confession: Still do!] So here’s one of my Holi pranks that I have gotten away with. 

Holi Prank Card

  • Fold a coloured A4 size paper [handmade/scrapbooking/chart paper] into four equal sections.
  • Draw a small square on the bottom right section. Apply glue all over your paper except inside the square.

  • Stick A and B.
  • Your card should now look like a normal two-fold card with a slit.
  • Cut two small triangles from a piece of card paper. Attach them to the two ends of a string.
  • Now put some Holi colour into the slit. Slide one triangle in. Seal the slit with two tissue paper strips with the string coming out from the centre.
  • Cover up the tissue paper with some stickers or coloured tape along the border.
  • Decorate your card, write a fun Holi message and “PULL” on the tag hanging from the string.

Your card is ready to shower someone with lots of love and colours!

Warning: Pranks are best played on people who can laugh it off, who will take them in the spirit with which they are played.

All materials are available at any stationery/craft supplies store.


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