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p>I am so over walking around the day after Holi with pink ears and a pink scalp. You know what I mean – no matter how much you lather on the oil and scrub yourself raw afterwards the telltale stains remain. And this year with my kids all primed to play Holi, I shudder to think of all that toxicity being heaped on them. Yes, we have some lovely ideas by Natasha and Priya on making your own colours, but being the lazy mum around here, if there’s an easier way out, I take it.

Ecoexist provides just the escape route for me with their beautiful and safe range of natural colours for Holi – Rang Dulaar. The colours are based on turmeric (which is actually good for the skin) and rice flour. The actual colours come from natural sources like indigo, marigold, henna, hibiscus, beetroot powder etc. Flowers collected during Ganesh Chaturti are also recycled and used for colour, volume or scent. I tried out

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blue and pink and they both worked well as either dry or wet colours. They show quite beautifully on white, especially the pink, which is made out out of beetroot powder, and wash off easily. One 100gm packet can make about 2-3 buckets of colour.

Ecoexist also provides livelihood for farmers in Karnataka and Maharashtra and income generation for women prisoners in Yerawada prison. Colours with a cause, that are good for you and beautiful to boot. And did I mention that they have a grittier feel to them than the regular toxic(!) ones, and what with the turmeric added in, I’m thinking I can forego that expensive facial and just play Holi.

Colours come in Yellow, Pink, Red, Ornage, Blue, Green. Rs.40 for 100 gms. Colours are lab tested and free from any heavy metals. Rang Dulaar is available in The Bombay Store in all cities and Namdhaari in Bangalore. Click here for a detailed list of stores in Bombay, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore.


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