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We have started talking ‘scrapbooking’ lately and from your feedback we can tell that we have found few enthusiasts. In this digital age hardly any of us bother to maintain photo albums, yet so many are worth printing, which brings us back to, print and then what? Scrapbooks are nothing but decked up photo albums, they capture an event, festival, occasion or even state of mind with accessories and not just the visuals. This Holi, plan your pictures beforehand, keep a Scrapbook ready for them.

What you need:

  1. Holi colour powders
  2. Glitter in various colours
  3. Cut outs of Holi clipart, scrounge for it in magazines and newspapers. The run up to Holi will have a lot of ads and articles that have clipart of water balloons, ‘picchkari’, colour bursts etc.
  4. Your palm
  5. Tie & Dye Fabric
  6. Cut outs of Holi sweets from magazines etc. like Gujiya, Laddoo’s, Malpua’s etc.
  7. Hardbound scrapbook – 6 pages
  8. Old and new Holi photos of the family, friends, pets, home, garden, party etc.
  9. Glue, glitter glue, tape, scissors, stencils, markers etc.

What you can do:

  1. Create frames of course, use Holi colours as paints or glitter for a more 3D effect, use typical Holi flowers like ‘Tesu’ and ‘Marigold’, they will dry in time or use the cut outs of Holi clipart.
  2. Mark the areas where pictures will go and spruce it up with catchy slogans about the folks in the pictures, Holi song lyrics or even nicknames you may have kept.
  3. Use tie and dye fabric for accessorizing and accentuating, you can also use it for the cover. Keep the outfits you wore on Holi so you can use naturally coloured fabric from the occasion itself.
  4. Make sure you take palm prints of the whole family for posterity… years later when you look back this day will flashback in front of your eyes like no other.

Have a scrappy Holi and do share your artwork with us!


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