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A few years ago, when our son was just about two, he asked Santa for a guitar that he could ?zhing? on. Santa?s little helper went out in search of a suitable one and zeroed in on something called, Music Fun, Classic Guitar with shoulder strap.









The fancy guitars available at the stores looked very colourful with light up buttons and exciting sounds but I wanted a toy that at least resembled an acoustic guitar. After asking for ?simple toy guitar? at several places, I chanced upon this one. In terms of colour and style, this guitar resembles the real thing and can actually create a ?zhing-zhing? sound. The added bonus is that it also has about 30 different tunes that play when the strings are tapped on. The battery operated tunes can be put on demo mode or can be set to play one at a time by tapping (not strumming and therefore very filmy). The repertoire is impressive with popular rhymes and songs ? Three Blind Mice, Twinkle Twinkle.., Jingle Bells, Oh Susana and many more. The good part is that the tunes are musically correct and not off key anywhere.

Our son has enjoyed this toy thoroughly and it is the first thing other kids make a bee line towards when they come over.? Even after hours of endless strumming not one of the strings have snapped and it?s been over two years. This is a great toy guitar even if it came from the North Pole via China.

Music Fun, Classic Guitar is available at most toy stores for Rs. 350/-? and about Rs. 250/- from Crawford Market.

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  1. cherrycola says:

    Wow! this is just what I have been looking for, for my two year old son. Just hope I can find this in Delhi :)