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My 5 year old has wanted a ‘scooter’ since she was 3! She had a fascination for watching the older kids zoom past her swing park and it looked like the whole process needed minimal effort, that’s when the demand for ‘my own scooty’ started. This year we decided we would get her one, the regular push with one foot kinds, she liked it for a while but soon the whole helmet, elbow pad situation started inhibiting her and she gave up but we knew she still longed for the thrill. So when we spotted the ‘Butterfly Scooter’ also known as the ‘Swing Scooter’, we were quite interested.

This Scooter is perfect for the child who wants to use a scooter like the big kids but isn’t quite ready yet. With three wheels and a good size platform, it is easier to balance and requires barely any one foot thrusting at all. The whole propulsion is from the motion of the waist and hips. Quite like hula hooping, more than anything, their little ‘tush’s’ look very cute trying to propel their scooters away. Once they get the hang of it, the ride is very smooth and simple. The scooter needs a flat smooth surface to work right, we actually carry it to the mall since it is foldable and she can easily scoot around with us in the corridors. Since the Butterfly Scooter takes about 45 kilos +, we know she can use it for a good number of years and she definitely prefers it to a regular scooter.

We found the Butterfly Scooter at ‘Little Angels’ in Galleria Market, DLF Phase I, Gurgaon.


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