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p>Most often, the best gifts are handmade ones and when a child presents his/her crafty idea to doting grandparents, uncles and aunts; the present takes on a priceless quality. My grandmother recently gave my four year old son an Easter egg basket that I had decorated for her 26 years ago.

Here are a few Easter Egg decorating ideas you can try with your kids or if they are old enough, let them try out themselves:

1. Crayon-resist dyeing
??? ?Hard boiled eggs
??? ?Crayons
??? ?Multipurpose fabric dye
??? ?Cup
??? ?Spoons
??? ?Aluminium foil
1.?? ?Draw designs on the egg with the crayons ? the heavier the lines, the better they will show up after dyeing.
2.?? ?Create the dye by following the instructions and let it cool.
3.?? ?Use the spoon to put the egg into the dye. Immerse it completely. After a few minutes check that you have the desired colour. Pick out the egg and place it

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on the foil to dry.

2. Eggheads
??? ?Hard boiled eggs
??? ?Mustard seeds or any quick growing seeds
??? ?Cotton wool
??? ?Coloured felt pens or poster paint
1.?? ?Carefully paint faces on the egg shells.
2.?? ?Cut the top of the egg off and remove the egg from the shell.
3.?? ?Fill the empty shell with cotton wool.
4.?? ?Sprinkle the seeds on top of the cotton wool and moisten
5.?? ?Cover with a small wad of cotton and place eggs near a window. Moisten the cotton wool daily and remove the top layer when the sprouts have grown to let the ?hair? stand up straight. The seeds should sprout in a day or two and keep growing for 3 / 4 days.

One Response to “Easter Egg Fun. Part 1 ? for the young ones.”

  1. Dipika says:

    Wow!!! The egg-heads look great!! :) Great stuff!