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A minor accident has forced my husband stay at home. He loves watching movies and that’s what we did for the first few weeks to pass the time. But then after a while that got boring too. We had tired of playing our regular board games. We needed something new – enter Scattergories by Parker Brothers.This has quickly become our current favourite. It is an improved and more challenging version of name-place-animal-things that we used to play in school. It’s fast, it’s tricky and a whole lot of fun whether played between

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two players or a group.

You have to complete a list of 12 things in three minutes. All beginning with the same pre-decided letter. The list includes random things like excuses for being late, things at the park, words ending with ?ly?, things on a hiking trip, items in your purse, sandwiches, et cetera. There are 192 categories and 20 letters. Only unique answers score. So think quick. Think different. Think of everything beginning with the same letter!

Everyone in our family from my mom-in-law to our young cousins love the game. We keep coming up with the weirdest things; the funniest so far, being: reasons for skipping work beginning with the letter ?M? ? murdered neighbour!

Available at all leading toy stores @ Rs899.

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  1. Dipika says:

    Oh i so want one!! :) I think i’ll go to the nearest “leading toy store” asap!