Easter Egg Fun. Part 2 – for the ?big boys and girls?. « Mummy Knows Best - The hands-on mum's guide to cool kids' stuff

Batik Eggs
??? ?Fresh, raw eggs or whole hard boiled eggs
??? ?Crepe paper
??? ?Hot water
??? ?1 tablespoon of white vinegar
??? ?Candle and matches
??? ?Leaves

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??? ?Stocking

*Hot water and hot wax are involved in this activity and so adult

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supervision is mandatory.*

1.?? ?Either use hard boiled eggs or if you would rather use the egg to cook with, then make a small hole in both ends of the egg and blow out the raw egg. Quite an effort but worth it if you plan on doing a bunch of batik eggs.

2.?? ?To create the dye, cut strips of crepe paper about 2cm wide and place in a bowl. The adult can pour hot water over this to release the dye.

3.?? ?Remove the paper and add one tablespoon of white vinegar to set the dye.? Let it cool.

4.?? ?The eggs are decorated with several applications of wax and dye. So if you want to leave any part of the egg the natural colour, then dip candle wax onto that area first. Start with the lightest colour and then move towards the darker ones. Dip the egg into the lightest colour e.g. yellow, until it is the colour you like and then dry it with a tissue.

5.?? ?Drip wax onto the sections you want to keep yellow and then re dip into the next colour.

6.?? ?To remove the wax, place egg on a tray in a moderate oven. After two minutes, the wax should have melted. Wipe it dry with a tissue.

Tip: To make leaf printed eggs; take a small piece of fern and hold it onto the egg. Secure it in place by wrapping a piece of stocking very tight around the egg. Tie the top of the stocking with a rubber band and dip egg in dye. Remove excess dye with a tissue and when dry, peel off the stocking and leaves to reveal the pattern.


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