Kiddy Snack: Pinwheel Sandwiches « Mummy Knows Best - The hands-on mum's guide to cool kids' stuff

p>For this one, lay your hands on a fresh uncut loaf of white bread. Get a sharp long knife or a baker with one. Get the loaf cut into long horizontal slices instead of the regular vertical small ones.

Take one slice?and evenly spread butter on it. Now spread some green mint chutney or a bread spread of your choice [Nutella chocolate strawberry spread tastes superb!] You can do this with your kids. They’ll love to spread the butter and chutney for you.

Now roll the slice such that the spread part is inside.? The rolling has to be done tightly.

Wrap the roll tightly in a strip of foil paper. Seal the ends like a toffee. Refrigerate for a few hours. Do this for each horizontal slice.

After a few hours take the rolls out and cut them vertically into discs. When you cut

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them you?ll see a beautiful spiral inside, made with the chutney or bread spread that you had put on the slice.

Remove the foil and enjoy this simple, beautiful snack!

These pinwheels are ideal for picnics, lunch boxes, birthday parties and ?in-the-car-snacks, as they are dry, non-messy and filling.

You can replace the bread with chocolate or sponge cake also.

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