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p>It?s a tonic that helps boost the immune system.

The moment the weather fluctuates one way or another, all or some of us start sniveling. When the mild cold, turns into a full blown flu it?s really no fun. Especially when the flu victim is a 4 year old who is most susceptible to picking up germs and the like you really want to find some way to battle the bugs.

A friend introduced me to Dr. Reckeweg R95 Homoeopathic Alfalfa Tonic which she said has cured her five year old from recurring respiratory problems and asthma attacks that she was prone to since birth. The indication on the bottle says, ?Anaemia, exhaustion, loss of appetite, convalescence, loss of weight, etc? and it also states, that the tonic can be used over a long period of time and is free of adverse substances.

We have been giving our son one tablespoon a day for the last few months and have noticed that the frequency of snivels and flus has gone down. Our pediatrician said he had heard of this tonic and if we found it to be useful, should continue it but in a few-months-on, few-months-off pattern. If you plan to try it out, do check with your doctor or homeopath before using the product.

There are cheaper alfalfa tonics available at the chemists; many made in India too, but we were told that this German one was the most effective.

Dr. Reckeweg R95 Alfalfa Tonic, made in Germany by Dr. Reckeweg & Co GMBH, D-64625 BENSHEIM. Available at most large chemists. Rs. 755/- approximately for a 500ml bottle.

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  1. sudha chakravarty says:

    thanks so much to bring in this version of alfa alfa the indian made tonics are v good as my mother uses it and its so cheap most chemist dont keep it!!!i was looking fr this as this fights in sugar probs too …we are a avid homeopathy users other than vacines and calcium we have never used any allopathy meds on our son but a word of caution alfa alfa shouldnt b taken by preg woman