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p>I came across this party game while scouring around party organizers’ lists of fun activities to do for a toddler’s birthday party. This is an interesting version of the classic balloon shooting game that we used to have at carnivals. It’s called Shoot the Chocolate. And it’s literally that! Kids shoot at chocolates hanging from different lengths of strings or ribbons. You eat what you shoot! I think it’s a brilliant do-at-home game for a small gathering of kids at my Christmas party. Here’s how you can do it too.

All you have to do is tie a length of string across the room. Tie colourful ribbons or strings around different types of chocolates so that you have a variety of sizes. Now tie the chocolates to the main string such that they are hanging at different lengths. Alternatively you can also stick everything on a shelf, with tape [as in the picture above]. Make sure you keep aside a couple of chocolates of each type, to give away.

Now give the kids a foam bullet gun or a ball to hit the chocolates. When a kid hits a chocolate give him the same type from your basket of chocolates.

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You can decide on the number of hits allowed per kid. Usually it’s three hits per person.?Remember, chocolates with a bigger packaging will be easier to hit [like Gems, Dairy Milk, Lindt, or any other bar chocolates] than smaller chocolates [like Eclairs, Ferrero Rocher, or others that are individually packed]. Make sure you have some of every size to make it fun for kids of all ages and skill levels.
To make the game a little difficult for older kids in the group you can have a bowl with names of all the chocolates written on chits of paper. Each kid has to pick three [if you are giving three hits] and hit the ones mentioned on the chits.

So just go ahead and shoot what you want to eat!

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