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A friend who came visiting recently was in a flap when she discovered that Meru cabs did not have one available to drop her back home. We offered to call her a yellow to, but she point blank refused and went on to explain a terrible experience she had in broad daylight with a regular cabbie. This was the perfect opportunity to try out Viira Cabs.

A brainchild of Revathi Roy and Preeti Sharma Menon, Viira Cabs is a taxi service for women offering comfortable air conditioned Eeco Maruti cars driven by women. Needless to say, my initial apprehensions included: Would they be good drivers, know the routes and gullies around the city, manage late night calls or charge a premium?

With my guinea pig in place, we called the service and were offered prompt information with details of the car number, driver name and number and rate. The rates are in keeping with other regular cab services. Driver Supriya found

our place without having to call repeatedly for directions; arrived 10 minutes early and was ready with a smile and an open door to greet her passenger. Supriya was nicely turned out in comfortable blue jeans, striped blue collared top, pearl earrings and silver nail polish and her cab looked clean and neat. She needed no directions going from Central to South Mumbai, knew the gullies well, did not chatter through the drive and was a great driver. So much for pre-conceived biases!

I believe a service like Viira (meaning courageous woman) Cabs is a blessing for young girls, the elderly and hassled mothers of young children who need to get going and would rather do it without having to worry about whether Mr. cabbie will turn out to be a letch or a MCP. It’s also nice to know that each driver has been through a self defense course and every GPS enabled cab is equipped with pepper spray and a baton with permission from the company to batter any eve teasers.

Viira is a cab service for women, a female driver bureau, a recruitment agency and a motor training school.To book a Viira cab call +91 (0) 22 6120 6120 or email;


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