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This year at the Trade Fair I happened to visit the Kenwood Home Appliances stall. It was a delightful experience. I was thrilled to cheap viagra pills in uk discover the Breadmaker which makes much more than just bread.

It’s a smart piece of appliance which has several pre-programmed options for making different kinds of breads: wheat, multi grain, French bread, sandwich

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bread, etc. Just put in the ingredients given in the recipe book that comes along with it, follow the simple instructions and your fresh, home-baked bread will be ready!

What makes the Breadmaker a complete genie is that you put in how fast does cialis kick in all the ingredients and set the timer when you want your bread ready in the morning. It will calculate accordingly and make sure your bread is warm n freshly baked at the exact time. [Overnight power consumption of the Breadmaker is equivalent to a regular tubelight.] Don’t worry if you forget to set the timer at night, there’s an express option which will have your bread ready in just 45 minutes.

For those of us who hate kneading dough for chapattis, the Breadmaker will do it. It even makes jam canadian pharmacy names at home. Just pop in your choice of fruits, follow the instructions from the accompanying recipe book and your fruit jam will be ready in no time. It’s the perfect use for fruits that aren’t as online pharmacy cialis fresh anymore and nobody wants to eat them: with the breadmaker depends and viagra cake you can just abracadabra them into jam!

If you feel like baking a cake, just put in all the ingredients and press the ‘cake’ button, your genie will do the rest. Now if only there was the ‘make the bed’ button….

Apart from the pre-programmed options there is also the choice of saving/setting one’s own programmes. All the attachments and parts are easy to detach and clean.

Available at all leading home appliances’ stores including Spencer’s. Three types of Breadmakers are priced @ Rs 4100, Rs 4800 and Rs 9800.


4 Responses to “The Breadmaker that does ‘everything’”

  1. Sumana says:

    Hi, am really keen on the breadmaker. Just wanted to clear up a couple of things: You’ve used this breadmaker at home, right? Regular (read easily available) ingredients work with it? As in white flour/atta and the dried yeast you get in packets? Or does one need to source special stuff? Thanks in anticipation.

    • Priyanka says:

      Dear Sumana & Anahita

      First, my apologies for the late reply…was on my annual holiday ;)

      No. I haven’t used this @ mentioned in the post, I have only seen the demo. But I do know of someone who’s been using it for a couple of years, even before it was readily available in India.
      She uses the normal dry yeast available in India. and ALL the ingredients are easily available :) so go on bake a riot ladies!!

      You can look up their ‘where to buy’ section on the website for further assistance.

  2. Anahita Bhatia says:

    Ooooh – this sounds amazing!! I was wondering if anyone from Mummy Knows Best or otherwise has actually used the appliance. I am so tempted to buy it but don’t want it to be one of those gadgets that ends up in your gadget graveyard because it was just so complicated to use. Moreover, what yeast does everyone use because as far as I know the yeast available here is not very good from past experience. LEt me know. Thanks.

  3. Taruna says:

    Hey girls,
    Any update on th bread maker. Did anyone end up buying and using this product. Also can one bake even whole wheat breads in it