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This is an all time favourite poem! Every kid in my family in the last ten years has had his hand printed beside these beautiful lines written either on a card or a small poster. This is a quick keepsake that’ll stay with you forever but takes only a few minutes to make. Here’s how…

You’ll need:

  • Card paper in a colour of your choice
  • Poster paints
  • #8 Flat brush
  • Baby wipes to clean up

How to:

  • Choose your paper size depending on what you want to make: a card or a poster.
  • Cover your child’s palm completely with paint and press evenly on the paper.
  • Write your poem beside/below/on top of the hand print depending on the placement of your prints and your keepsake is ready!

There are some other poems available on the web for the same project. The one that I liked was:

My dirty little handprint

I have left on every wall

and on the drawers and tabletops

I’ve really marked them all.

But here is one that won’t rub off

I am giving it to you

because I am so thankful

for a [mom/dad/gran] just like

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One Response to “Crafty Ideas: Quick Keepsake”

  1. Dipika says:

    Loved it!!! I want one too. Really :) :)