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If you believe in sustainability in your own life, why not bring  it into your children’s lives as well? Here’s a list of ways you can go green with your kids:


Naty: this brand asserts that its diapers (eco-nappies) and wipes are totally biodegradable- 100% eco.

Rustic Arts Laundry: their home made clothes detergent for kids is chemical free and made of a gentle blend of

lemon and neem.











Bumgenius: forget the guilt of environmentally toxic diapers and the old alternative of endless cloth nappies by using this clever system of cloth-based nappy covers with soft

washable inner pads. See our review of this and other brands here

Himalaya Baby products: no parabens or other chemicals, just natural ingredients that are really really good for baby and infant skin and hair (and yours too!)

First Bites: rice, daal, ragi and other baby-friendly first foods, fully organic and with very little sugar content.

These are just some of the things I use, but there are lots of other products you can find around you. Local is the best way to go. Google the nearest organic veggies store, research where you can get farm fresh, organic milk and eggs, and corn-fed chicken. Buy

organic rice, dals and poha. Live clean and let your kids have the benefit of healthy foods and a low carbon footprint too!


Naty- available at Mothercare stores

Rustic Arts Little Laundry- available online at naturalmantra.com

Bumgenius – available on Amazon.in

Himalaya Products- at any big chemist or department store

First Bites- online at Naturalmantra.com


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