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If like me, you’re the parent of a very young child, you will have undoubtedly discovered the ridiculous ease of online shopping. My debit cards and I are regular visitors on a large variety of shopping sites that range from organic vegetables to fashion, atta-daal monthly rations to kitchen appliances  to, naturally, kidstuff.

When Mummy Knows Best started off, there were literally just a couple of websites for children’s products. Now, the ecommerce revolution has ensured that there is a huge choice, but that can be overwhelming! To help you navigate this space, we’re doing a small series of reviews of online shopping sites for kids.

Starting off, there is WWW.HOPSCOTCH.IN.

Daily sales on this very good site feature everything kid-related, much of it imported from the US and Europe. I have bought onesies, food bowls and silicon spoons, educational and fun toys, shoes, and a few funky kitchen tools from them. They even had a sale of very good strollers – Bugaboos and Mclarens galore, but the delivery time was

too long for me. So the trick is to plan ahead and keep checking for the sales that arerelevant to you.


Price wise it’s mid to high end, but I find the choice of products very diverse, aesthetically sound and the quality very good. When the sales are of Indian-made products, the pricing is actually very competitive. I especially like the clothing: one gets tired of buying from Mothercare, spending fair amount, and then having every other kid in town wearing the same outfits! The user interface is friendly and easy on the eye and the packaging when you receive your courier is not too plasticky or excessive- important things in my book.

Of course, like all online shopping, there are glitches. The good thing is that the Hopscotch team is very approachable and also very quick to sort out your issues should you have any. Also, the delivery time is a bit

long – 3-5 weeks if the products are from out of the country, which can be a bit painful especially if your child is under 1 and when even 3 weeks can mean a substantial change in size.




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