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Lil Me tee's

How many of us have picked up cutesy slogan T’s on our trips abroad or even as far as Goa for that matter? The choices are few and far between unless you chose from commercial brands that aren’t very original. It’s fun to be gimmicky with the kids and a lot of moms and daughters get to dress

alike but where does that leave poor daddy?

Shilpi actually has the answers to all these queries and quandaries. She is the founder of

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Lil’me Tees and they do something you don’t even have to travel for. They custom make and home deliver slogan Tees for dads and kids (babies too!). The choices are downright funny and pretty tongue in cheek, and Shilpi has promised that she will add to the options on a regular basis. I got us sizes M for daddy and 4-5 years for princess, our Tees read – Gimme Beer and Gimme Milk and we love them! The fabric is sporty and airy which has helped the T-shirt retain its shape after a couple of washes. Both daddy and daughter found them very comfortable. The latest fad that has followed the Lil’Me Tees dress up is cycling together – very, very cute! These tees make great gifts for dads to be and should be a staple on Father’s Day. Nice to see daddys dress up!

Choose from a variety of slogans on their website or you could mail them your own words. Lil’ me Tee’s one liners are sure to bring a smile to the daddy-baby duo wearing the Tees and everyone who walks past them

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