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Here in India Easter in traditional Catholic homes is more about the Mass and the Feast and less about Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. But with the advent of television and extensive travelling that our kids do, they are as familiar with Western Easter traditions as

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they are with Halloween. So this Easter, why not humour the kids with a little Easter fun? Plan a treasure hunt and let the kids work up an appetite for the Easter treats.

  1. Choose the place: For small children, organize the hunt inside a home familiar to them. For older children you can organize a hunt both indoors or
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    outdoors but in a familiar environment, your own back or front yard, a home garden or a rooftop are ideal. For pre teens, you could even try an elaborate hunt across a park, colony or even a mall.

  2. Planning clues: The general idea is that the first clue leads in to a location (like a corner, a bookshelf or even the refrigerator), which has a clue leading to another location, and so on until they reach the treasure. The first clue should be easy, and then the clues should increase in difficulty as the hunt goes on. Be creative with the clues but keep in mind the ages of the children so that they are easy to understand. For younger kids, use pictures as clues or make rhymes, like ‘To make your first attack, look behind the show rack”. For older kids, there are more options. You can use riddles or take a close up photo of an object, then have the kids guess what it is and go there.
  3. Make a hunt format: You could split the kids into two teams, and ask them to race to the treasure, or you could have them all go as a group. Consider a treasure hunt involving maps or clues to make it more intriguing. Another option is a “puzzle hunt,” where each clue location has a puzzle piece. At the end, the kids put together the puzzle, carefully flip it over, and the location of the treasure is written on the back. Then they find the ‘treasure’ and share it!
  4. Hiding clues: Decide on the path of the hunt and hide the clues accordingly, remember that the first one will lead the game so you could announce the first clue when you flag off the teams or you could hide it and make even the first clue a part of the hunt. Make the clues easy to find so the hunt runs smoothly.
  5. Finding the treasure: This of course is the best part for kids. Use a box and fill it with goodies like candy, stationary, books, games or toys. Put the treasure in a well hidden spot, and then have the last clue lead

    to it. You cialis 50 ml could decorate the box to look like a treasure chest and make sure there are enough goodies to go around because here everyone who finds the chest is a winner.

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