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Every month, a box of goodies arrives at our house. In it are not sweets or traditional toys, but my 3 year old loves it as if it does. I subscribed to Flintobox about a year and a half ago and since then, I’ve had a fun activity to offer him every time he’s cranky, overly bored or hankering after TV time. Age-based and hands-on activities that are built around themes like nature, transport, jungle and marine animals, science and more allow him to be creative and stimulate his senses. The age range extends from 2-12 years.  The quality of the materials is excellent and the ideas are very good. Every game comes with a little leaflet that explains instruction on how to play it, and for those more interested in that, how it impacts your child’s development and education. The storybooks could do with a typo check though!

Frankly, I’m not into my toddler ‘learning’ too much at the moment. I like the crafts and art-based activities for what they are – fun play for my child to pass a hot Delhi afternoon indoors. acheter du cialis en ligne I don’t get into more than that. But for those of you who do care, the activities are well researched learning tools created by experts and “cater to the 12 development areas of a child”. They also won best Indian start up in 2014.



The 3 month subscription costs Rs.795 per box and the 6 month subscription is Rs. 695 per box


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