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If like me, you’re the parent of a very young child, you will have undoubtedly discovered the ridiculous ease of online shopping. My debit cards and I are regular visitors on a large variety of shopping sites that range from organic vegetables to fashion, atta-daal monthly rations to kitchen appliances  to, naturally, kidstuff. When Mummy [...]

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If you believe in sustainability in your own life, why not bring  it into your children’s lives as well? Here’s a list of ways you can go green with your kids:   Naty: this brand asserts that its diapers (eco-nappies) and wipes are totally biodegradable- 100% eco. Rustic Arts Laundry: their home made clothes detergent [...]

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resume writers nyc p> by guest mummy writer Swetha Ramakrishnan Let’s face it, finding the right present for a child is never easy. Especially if you want to go beyond recycling things your child has received but already has/ doesn’t want! So here’s some inspiration based on personal experience. These are all things my now [...]

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The lovely weather of pre-winter Delhi is perfect to ferry the kids to Bookaroo, the International Children’s Literature Festival. Kids can listen to authors read out bits from stories and poems, make puppets, create their own fantasy characters or graphic novel, all in the wonderful AnandGram venue, full of courtyards and trees and terracotta figures [...]

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Review by Nisha Abraham “If there was one place I could be I think it would have to be under the sea If you think there’s nothing there You’re in for a surprise, to be quite fair!” If, like me, you love beautifully illustrated, easy to read, wonderfully imaginative books for children, you will adore [...]

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homework live p> Everyone seems to be having little baby boys nowadays. So the pressure to find unusual, yet practical gifts for the little gundas is ever-increasing for me, the eternal aunty. Which is why I was ecstatic to discover Almirah. Tucked away in my favourite Delhi market (which I love because it’s quiet, unassuming [...]

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The secret world that children’s imaginations live in isn’t understood by many. Its dark corners, nasty smells and dire consequences delight children endlessly. This is the world captured by Monideepa Sahu in The Riddle of the Seventh Stone: a magical tale in which bugs and vermin turn into humans, little girls swing from lampposts using [...]

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Hi, I am looking for a foldable high chair for my 8 month old son. Please suggest some shops in lajpat nagar or in and around lodi road,New delhi and if possible the best brand in this category. Rohini

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The Foxy Find-Outers Everybody loves a good mystery, but there?s a deplorable lack of fun, adventurous detective stories coming out of India, especially for kids. This pacy book follows the adventures of the Foxy Four, a group of 16 year-old convent school hostelites who are whizzes at solving seemingly impossible mysteries. Shades of Nancy Drew? [...]

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