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illustrator CS5 download Mac for sale p>Imagine life growing up in a town called Pandupur! If you and your kids are interested in finding out more, head over to Crossword Bookstore, Kemp’s corner on July 24th at Daughter, tweezers firmer across so to effective buy viagra usa my well thr time I… As cheap viagra [...]

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….Of the politically correct variety. You have got to get a copy of James Finn Garner’s Politically Correct Bedtime Stories. Not for your tot however; unless he or she is not actually a tot; can understand satire and is old enough to enjoy this American author’s humour. There are twelve classic tales in this [...]

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Microsoft Office 2013 Best Price p> I almost want to break out into a few halleluiahs after my recent visit to Kitab Khana. Let it not be said anymore that Mumbai moms are only subjected to workbooks, educational books and storybooks with the worst grammar on the planet anymore.

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After having had an official ‘agony aunt’ chat with my niece who is just about hitting the wonder years (am still wondering who was in more agony during the chat), I came upon a fantastic set of books. We are really luckier than our folks were with books like Just For Girls by Sarah Delmege [...]

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I just chanced upon a cool toy for my musically inclined son. It’s a pair of electronic drumsticks that can be played anywhere and on any surface. The nicest part about these is that they don’t require drums.

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I have just cleared our library and set out piles of books that our tot has outgrown and I can?t begin to tell you how good it feels. Not just because the treasures got dusted, sorted and space has been made for new books, but there?s also the joy of coming upon the good old [...]

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If you and your kids have not yet watched Toonpur Ka Super Hero, then book your tickets now. This film, directed by Kireet Khurana features Ajay Devgn along with a bunch of fantastically animated characters. It is the first ever Indian live action animated film on the lines of ?Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and has [...]

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‘Hoo’ the Hippo who is the Mascot for Hippocampus greets you as you enter this ?Experience Centre? and you know immediately that this is one fun place to hang out.?The Hippocampus Experience Center is a library to start of with and also turns into a place where kids can play games, learn new skills, participate [...]

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I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas jingles. There’s nothing like the golden oldies sung by Jim Reeves, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley in that deep baritone to bring some Christmas cheer and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. If you don’t have access to your parents’ [...]

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We have heard the audio story of Cars so many times in the last few weeks that we can put up a family recital with each of us taking on a different role and having the lines down perfectly! Now we bargain before getting into our car (all our CD listening happens in the car) [...]

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