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When I first laid eyes on the Apple iPad it was love at first sight! After we bought it, I was fiercely protective towards it. It had to be protected at any cost from my son who had already damaged the keypad of my laptop. So for about three months he did not even know [...]

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We have reviewed KEC Green Games before (read review here), and they’re back again by popular demand with some new products and another contest! The toys up for grabs are: Marbles The traditional favourite, complete with rules and variations! Age: 6+ Cup ‘n Ball A favourite for centuries with adults and kids alike. Swing the [...]

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Wonder Piggy – Our New Best Friend. By the age of 1 year our babies seem to have accumulated so many toys that you end up thinking the over stimulation from the colours and choices might just be counterproductive and head towards toy rotation. Don’t you wish we could get into the Gets about little [...]

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A revival of games our grandparents used to play Until now I have only located the indigenous, colourful tops and toys at handicraft fairs that head into town sporadically. Recently, I happened to chance on a fantastic new brand named Kids Edutainment Centre or KEC that has our favourite top christened Ghoomiyo, all well [...]

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The Virtue of Patience Has anyone really thought about how hard it is to make a three year old sit, even for 5 minutes? Unless you bribe them with candy or something, I doubt it’s easy, at least with most of the munchkins out there. This for me has now become the most important thing [...]

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thematic essay p>Back to basics You are likely to see these fun pegs at playschools and Montessori’s. They are available at large stores but tend to get overshadowed by the more glitzy and prominent brands. I recommend you look out for products by a brand named Skillofun. They manufacture a wide range of educational wooden [...]

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