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When I first laid eyes on the Apple iPad it was love at first sight! After we bought it, I was fiercely protective towards it. It had to be protected at any cost from my son who had already damaged the keypad of my laptop. So for about three months he did not even know [...]

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essays to buy p>I came across this party game while scouring around party organizers’ lists of fun activities to do for a toddler’s birthday party. This is an interesting version of the classic balloon shooting game that we used to have at carnivals. It’s called Shoot the Chocolate. And it’s literally that! Kids shoot at [...]

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A minor accident has forced my husband stay at home. He loves watching movies and that’s what we did for the first few weeks to pass the time. But then after a while that got boring too. We had tired of playing our regular board games. We needed something new – enter Scattergories by Parker [...]

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A revival of games our grandparents used to play Until now I have only located the indigenous, colourful tops and toys at handicraft fairs that head into town sporadically. Recently, I happened to chance on a fantastic new brand named Kids Edutainment Centre or KEC that has our favourite top christened Ghoomiyo, all well [...]

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…Me Some Words Being a Scrabble-junkie myself, I was thrilled when my elder son was gifted a Junior Scrabble for his birthday. Perfect for the 5-10 age group, this board game from Mattel requires two to four players. The tag line on the box says “Two fun word games in one” and that’s exactly what [...]

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Little Hideaway Kids need their little hideaways, and I used to grin and bear it when they’d drag freshly washed bed sheets and throw silk (yes SILK!) cushions around to make their “caves” and “houses”. So it was with open arms and great joy that I welcomed the Thomas the Tank Engine Play Tent into [...]

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home solar systems p>Jiggety-Jig-Jig-Jigsaw I’ll let me boys do anything to keep busy. Well, almost anything, because I do draw the line at insect-munching and WWF training. But, right now, I’m talking toys. Yes, given the demand-and-supply relationship that our kids try to maintain with us when it comes to toys and video games (separate [...]

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