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Learning to love nature Two enterprisng mommies started a farm. There they grew some of the most aromatic and delectable herbs this side of the world. They distributed the plants through a small but passionate, group of stores and got a lot of mommies like me hooked to fresh oregano, thyme and marjoram. All the [...]

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Activities to do when it’s raining My friends in Mumbai are whining about the rains while we in Delhi are complaining about the lack of them. Yet, we have been getting a random day of rain here and there and when it’s erratic like this, it’s best to keep the kids indoors. Rats, more indoors [...]

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Why Do Chimps have four Hands? Kids ask the weirdest questions. My two -year old daughter and I were going through an animal picture book when we came across a chimpanzee. He was sitting happily on the branch of a tree and I saw my daughter’s eyes widen in some kind of dilemma. Then she [...]

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Flutter-by I love butterflies; who doesn’t? These spectacular insects have the power to lift our spirits and somehow inspire our flighty dreams. So the Butterfly Park was definitely on my agenda this summer holiday. It took us around 40 minutes (from Koramangala) to get to the Park which is right next to the Bannerghatta National [...]

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