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homework live p> Everyone seems to be having little baby boys nowadays. So the pressure to find unusual, yet practical gifts for the little gundas is ever-increasing for me, the eternal aunty. Which is why I was ecstatic to discover Almirah. Tucked away in my favourite Delhi market (which I love because it’s quiet, unassuming [...]

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Run Baby Run I recently learnt the very hard way that little feet cannot be stuffed into ill fitting shoes. Our tot’s rain wear copped out just before the bus arrived and so as the school only allows black we had no option but to fit him into a black pair of sandals a size [...]

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Bambi & angels – that?s how this store seems, a combination of Bambi?s innocence and the charm of angels. Bambiola is heaven for mom?s looking for quaint stuff for their little princesses. This indie store is tucked between brand giants but stands out in all its pastel glory. The store is developed like a baby?s [...]

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My sister claims that I buy clothes for my daughter because I hardly fit into anything anymore; that of course is far from the truth, albeit not too far. My daughter will let me dress her for just about 6-8 years (if I am lucky), so right now I can get away with all the [...]

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A trendy tots hair styling destination Our mougli had gorgeous light brown, soft curls till the age of a year and a half. We got the ‘what a cute little girl’ ever so often but the deciding factor was a heat rash on his neck. As vanity is not his high point no hair bands [...]

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