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I happened to chance upon Gyneguide and guess what; it?s not a book with gynecological tips but a full-fledged professional clinic run by Dr. Suman Bijlani. The baby business today is providing us so many fantastic options sometimes it gets confusing trying to figure it out. So here is a one-of-its kind clinic that addresses [...]

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customized fat loss program p>Learning to be still There are some books that I keep on my bedside table as a ready reckoner for kiddie emergencies. While Gopika Kapoor’s Spiritual Parenting doesn’t fall into that category, it is an easy and informative read, striking a familiar and reassuring chord that there are other women out [...]

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The many pains of Mummyness Oodles of unwanted and suspect advice is to be expected when expecting, but not bathe every day?! Give me a break! From maids to people at the ATM to distant relatives, everyone had something to say. When D-day finally arrived, my nursing home made sure I knew how to bathe, [...]

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Chennai: Tender Loving Care When you?ve come to the point where the ?romance? of your pregnancy is waning and you?re pretty sure your husband has started to refer to you as That Fat Bully in his head, you know that the need of the day is a ?Time Out for Two? Aura, the spa at [...]

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Ashtang Yoga for expectant mothers. If you are pregnant and lamenting the end of the gym sessions and, like I did, keep asking your gynac when you can start exercising again, then think about signing up for a prenatal yoga class. Needless to say, your doctor has to provide the green signal for this activity [...]

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Skincare from Day 1 I hate them now and I hated them then. I didn’t think they would happen to me but they did. I had heard a lot of scary stories about them and they were more or less true. Thank God I can also say ‘less true’ because I found just the combat [...]

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Mummy to be Fashionista Is it a bad thing that one of my main worries as an expectant mother was my weight? I was eating everything in sight and fretting seriously about expanding. Expand I did – a lot! And though I enjoyed every minute of my pregnancy (in retrospect, that is), I hated going [...]

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